Exploring Ebay Car Sale Data. Some experiments took place, your feedback is needed

I share here my 3rd project completed as part of my studying with DQ.
In this project I decided to practice my English a little bit, so I dedicated quite some time to write markdown cells. I tried to make it look like an informal storytelling. I hope I nailed it at least partially. Writing has never been my strength neither in my native language nor in any other I speak.

As for the code part, while trying to accomplish some additional steps suggested I´ve got some grasp on MultiIndexing and I´ve learnt some interesting methods like .cut()/.qcut() and .groupby(). The last one has fascinated me and I enjoyed the last part of the project just experimenting with this method.

I would really appreciate your feedback on this project.

Here´s the project itself:

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Congrats on finishing your project @ksenia.kustanovich

What I liked in the project: :white_check_mark:

  • The project is very well documented with Headings,Sub-Headings, and even Code comments, even a person with a non-technical background can understand what is going on.
  • Conclusions are always necessary to summarize the findings, that is achieved in your project :clap:

Hey @ksenia.kustanovich, congrats on completing your project! I applaud your efforts to practice your writing and storytelling skills for this one; this is a good project to practice this skill with! I think you achieved a great deal here in that regard as I enjoyed reading it, and I can tell you had fun doing it. As you practice more you’ll get better at it, along with writing for different kinds of audiences.

I really liked the additional methods and steps you used as well. You gleaned some useful insights in there (and I learned something too!).

Thanks so much for sharing with us!