Exploring eBay Car Sales-Data Guided-Project

Hello everyone! I just completed the Exploring eBay Car Sales Data guided project which is the first project I am uploading and I would appreciate all your feedback. Thank you very much!

Guided Project Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data (1).ipynb (99.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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@adetolaadeya Looks like something went wrong while uploading your project. Perhaps you could take a look at this post and try again: Sharing Your Guided Project in the Community

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Hi @adetolaadeya,

Welcome to the Community and congratulations on sharing your first project with us! Actually, I saw that you’ve already shared the second one, great job! :star:

As @mathmike314 noticed, there was some technical issue with opening your projects (something happened during uploading them), but I’ve fixed them both.

Returning to this your project, you’ve done a nice job! Clean code, clear subheadings, interesting observations, all the necessary links are present, good emphasizing of column name in markdown using backticks, and using bullet lists. Well done!

Some suggestions from my side:

  • You’d better put first the project title and then start the introductonal part.
  • It’s important to add a conclusion to the project summarizing the most interesting insights.
  • Code commenting. You didn’t add many comments, but I agree that exactly this project doesn’t require a lot of them: the code itself is rather comprehensible. However, you can consider, for example, removing the technical information in markdown before the code cell [28] and putting it as a comment inside this cell. Also, it’s better to avoid obvious comments (like in [27]) and also too long and wordy comments (like in [24] and [29]).
  • Please check the markdown observations after the code cell [27], it seems that it was abruptly cut.

Hope my ideas were helpful. Nice job, and good learning speed!
Good luck with your future projects!

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It has been rectified now, thank you!

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I really appreciate this feedback! I will make all the necessary corrections and keep this suggestions in mind for my future projects! Thank you!


Perfect, @adetolaadeya, I’m glad that it was useful!

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