Exploring ebay car sales data project - What should we consider writing as observation?

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Hello dataquesters, I have just started out with the ebay car sales project and I have a kinda of naive question that I would like to clarify to myself:

In the very first screen, the introduction, we are suggested/asked to write down our observations about the autos dataset.

Now, what should I consider writing here? I mean, should I say general things such as describing the columns, and/or how many of them are present in the dataset? Should I write first-sight observations about the dataset, for example, "it can be seen that column xyz has missing values?

I would like some input on how/what we should consider writing at this initial stage of a project.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: and happy learning everyone.

Hello @polUSA ! First of all, no question is naive. :smile: Everyone is trying to learn something new here, every day!

To answer your question, the observations you can make on running the code Dataframe.info can be anything, from noticing columns with missing values to data types of different columns.
For instance, if there is a price column in your data, its data type should be float not string.
At this stage, you are just trying to assess what kind of data cleaning your data requires and that is what you’ll share with your project reader about, in the markdown.
I hope this answered your question! :smile:

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Thank you so much for helping @sahiba.kaur.stats, now that’s clear. :slight_smile:

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