Exploring eBay Car Sales Data. Understanding average price of cars by each popular brand

Hi everybody,

This is first time I upload my project here. I worked on it trying not just to learn from missions but also add something I could find by myself. I hope I will receive feedback from you to improve lots of things in my project.

s2c1guidedproject.ipynb (159.6 KB)

URL of the last mission screen of the Guided Project below:

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Hello @ahadov.rufat, I just finished and posted this guided project myself, so it was nice for me to take a look at how others went about it. I noticed that you approached the dataset from different perspectives ( gear type, mileage, damages, healthycar etc) and added many new columns for your analysis. understood from your conclusion, you used the project to practice concepts. I agree with you about that 100% - more opportunity to memorize the better! ( I keep lots of notes). Hope you plan to add to it the challenges under next steps.

One thing that kept showing up was the warning about A value is trying to be set on a copy of a slice from a DataFrame.

Thanks for sharing


Hey, thanks for your feedback. Yes there is that warning problem. I learned that it can be false warning also and it seems to be in my case. But I did not dig deeper to understand the root cause. Thanks for the link, I saved it for reading.