Exploring eBay Car Sales - Lekane Styve

Hi guys,
I just finished my 3rd guided project. I will appreciate any feedback from you.
Thank you in advance.


exploring eBay car sales.ipynb (91.5 KB)

Link to NoteBook on Github

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Hi @lekanestyve! Thanks for sharing your project with the Community:) I hope my feedback is not too late. I think you have a good project with clear goals and a good structure. You also have very short conclusions that allow readers to quickly grasp the most important outcome of the project.

Some suggestions (some of them were already mentioned in the feedback for your 4th project):

  • Avoid too obvious code comments like # import pandas and numpy
  • In “Introduction” you did not complete Markdown for the link to data.world
  • It’s better to avoid too much description of technical parts of the project (like which data types are in the data set) and concentrate on story-telling
  • You say that you want to get rid of the prices below 0$ but there are not any!
  • It’s better to have less subheadings. Like, I don’t think “Next, let’s look at the ondometer column.” or " Function to convert dates into a uniform numeric data for easier manipulation" can be useful in the project’s structure
  • Why are you so conservative about the registration year? I suppose, there can be some old cars sold even at a higher price than the newer ones
  • Comment the code. It’ll be useful to future you and the readers :slight_smile: You can also use docstring to explain what the project’s functions do. But make sure that you do not write too obvious code like #Converting mean price into a series object.
  • You have some small typos and style issues (like, make sure that the names of car brands begin with a capital letter)
  • When you print(price_diff) consider adding some text to the string to explain what this number means

That’s it for me! Happy coding:)

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