Exploring Ebay Car Sales

After done the PROJECT 3

I really enjoyed doing this project.
Thanks for giving me a feedback

You can see my job here


Hello @biadboze! Thanks for sharing:)

I hope my feedback will still be useful to you.

Here is what I liked:

  • You have a precise goal you want to reach with this project.
  • You motivate and explain each step you perform.
  • Your overall analysis is clear and thorough.

Here is what can be improved:

  • Comment your code. It will help you and the other to understand what each code cell does. Now it’s easy to understand because your code is simple but once you analysis becomes advance it’s essential to comment the code.
  • In the cell 3, you can just write autos.head() to shot the first five rows of the dataset. It will be presented in a more readable way.
  • Is it the best way to rename the columns? What if you mistake the order? Try to think of another approach.
  • Are you sure about this: “almost all the data of name column and seller column are same”? You have 38754 unique values in the name column.
  • In the code cell 10 you can improve the code style by aligning all used methods.
  • In many code cells you have some minor style issues. Try to adapt them to a Pythonic PEP-8.
  • You have some typos, especially at the end of the project.
  • Write conclusions. Did you do what you wanted? What are the results? What can be investigated further?

That’s all for me! Happy coding:)

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Thanks for your feedback :pray:t5:

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