Exploring eBay cars Data

Hello friends!
Find my third project , I would like some comments and suggestion on:
Markdown usage, style of coding, my analysis of data set and general clarity of project.
Wole Moses

Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data.ipynb (363.6 KB)

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Hi Wole, I think you mistakenly uploaded the .txt file instead of the .ipynb file.

I think this link could be helpful

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Hi @wolewani,

I fixed your file (rendered it from txt to ipynb and nbviewer). Next time please follow the guidelines for sharing your projects (the link send by @nyaneba1).

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Hi @wolewani
Congratulations for completing your third project on Exploring eBay cars. Your project looks good . The introduction, use of comments, code lines are so well worked on. Have got a suggestion;

  • In cell[9] you can also have the codes in just a single line as an alternative. Have a look

Above will render same output.

Otherwise from my, Everything looks good and well presented

Happy Coding.

Well noted @ Brayan,

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