Exploring Ebay Cars Sales Data with a lot of care ( + nice attitude)

This is the second time I do this exercise, and finally, I have had a great time working on it, in fact that’s what I couldn’t find the first time I did it.

If you want to comment something… I :ear:to you.


Best regards and a big hello to all of you.


:sparkles: Last_Exploring_Ebay_Car_Sales_Data.ipynb (321.1 KB) :sparkles:

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Hi @Edelberth
Thanks for sharing your project on Exploring Ebay Cars Sales . The entire project looks awesome, the introduction is well worked on, the explanations given are very informing, the code lines looks great and has therefore rendered good output, keep it buddy for the good work. I love the descriptions given on cell[15], they are well detailed and well staged. Have got few humble suggestions to make;

  • Always consider including the link of the dataset you are using for easy access by the reader.
  • in cell[10], I think having df.columns is the best way because I gaze the idea was just to show the changes made in the columns.
  • In cell[18] and [22] you can consider have the code lines in a single line , to avoid too much repetition and I think it will also save you space and time.
  • The whole work looks very nice and therefore it was good to summarise all the workings(findings) in the conclusion,.

Otherwise to me, everything looks good and well worked on. Congratulations mate for the entire submission. All the best in your upcoming project.

Happy codding!


Thanks to you :dizzy:

I take note of what you tell me, so in the next one I will be aware, I am very glad that you liked it, a comment like this motivates me to continue working, again:

Thank you very much.


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