Exploring Hacker News Data Set: (Dataquest Guided Project)

Hello, done with the Hacker News Posts Guided Project… see attachment below.


Guided Project_ Exploring Hacker News Posts.tar-Ola (3.1 MB)

Hacker Project Sky.final.ipynb (52.0 KB)

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Hey @olasunkanmiafolabi30,

After taking a quick look through your project, I think that in order to make this project resume/portfolio ready, you might need to polish it a little more to make it more accessible to the non-technical folk as well:

  • Present a more coherent story - in the conclusion you try to answer “when should you create an ‘ask hn’ post on HN?”. It would be better if the whole project led you to develop this answer. So, maybe you talk about this question in the introduction and add comments whenever you discover something relevant in your exploration.
  • Add relevant discoveries to each bullet - You conclude some of the sections by mentioning what you found interesting. Maybe do it for all the sections?

Overall, I think you’ve done a good job. Congratulations!