Exploring Hacker News guided project-redone

Exploring Hacker News Guided Project

Hi everyone,

I’m currently going back and redoing the guided projects including the next steps and would love your feedback on my improved work. For this one I took the initiative and even created a function which calculates the top times to post in order to get more comments to time zones other than US Eastern.


Exploring Hacker News Posts.ipynb (19.3 KB)

Thanks in advance,

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @ivelinagenova

I’ve read your project and it was really inspiring for me that you made your own function in converting timezones! :grin: But does the project end without any conclusion after finding the points for show hn part?

And I also wanted to ask how did you made your title so big and centered? It was really great and attractive, I like it! :laughing:

Hi @frencielanggi02,

Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:

There is a conclusion to the project but after it I continued adding the Next steps. So, yes, it seems a bit messy.

As for the title, I used this piece of code to make it big and centered:
# < center >< h1 > Title < /center >< h1 >

excluding the extra spaces within the <>. I hope this makes sense, I wasn’t sure how to add the code here without having it run automatically.


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