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Hello, I will appreciate getting feedback on this project I finished weeks ago. Thank you!

Exploring Hacker News Posts Guided Project.ipynb (14.0 KB)

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@adetolaadeya I’m not sure what’s causing the issue with uploading your projects but it appears to be reproduceable! Again, try reading this article and upload again Sharing Your Guided Project in the Community


Hi @adetolaadeya

Thank you very much for sharing your project on Exploring Hacker News. Have gone through it, and honestly it’s one of the projects have found interesting reading through, it’s well worked and all the information have been confined just in 7 code cells. The information background of the dataset is so informing, the comments have been well deployed, the explanations are so nice with no complications. I love your conclusion it’s so informative.Having said that , have got two suggestions to make;

  • Always consider having an objectives/aim/goal when working on any project.
  • Most of the outputs have been displayed horizontally which to me seems to be less readable, to have them displayed vertically for example in cell[6], avoid using the print() function.

Otherwise to me, everything looks good and congratulations mate for the good presentation, wishing all the best in your upcoming projects.

Happy learning!

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This feedback has enhanced my confidence, I know what to work on and how I can improve. I appreciate it!

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That’s great @adetolaadeya for considering my suggestions helpful!
Happy codding :blush:!