Exploring Hacker News Posts - Guided Project

Hi everyone -

I just completed the Hacker News Guided Project. Sharing the file below:

Appreciate the community’s review and feedback.

Thanks before.

Basics.ipynb (12.5 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @suratricki

Thanks for sharing your project with DQ Community. Since this is a fairly early project I understand it will take some time to start writing your own narrative and sub-titles.

However, please avoid copy-pasting everything from DQ content. Don’t be like me and start adding some of your own flair or style to your project even if it’s a tiny update!

Before submitting your project, execute a “restart and run all”. option. It also helps in understanding that the coding is consistent and free of errors.

If not the narrative, try to add more comments to your code. Your initial code cells had well-explained comments :+1:

That’s it for now. Happy Learning!

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