Just finished the next guided project and would like to understand what i could improve on my code.

I struggled a bit to understand the last ask. Not 100% clear why we would need to turn a string into a date object add minutes (which are always 0) and then print it. I could have achieved the same by simply printing the time with a simple print statement. Any particular reason or just to train us on strp and strf?

I struggled a bit with the strp and strf to get it right. Needed to review a bit the old pdfs. Any recommendations on how to improve / train those?

Exploring-hacker-news-posts.ipynb (11.5 KB)

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Great work @Binchentso, I appreciate how you approached this project in a straightforward and simple manner.

  • Your introduction and conclusion were on point.
  • Your observation was also well written
  • Proper use of markdown

it helps parses a string representation of a date and time, so you would able to print it separately

Great work keep it up


The best is probably to practice writing some or a lot of date-related code. For example, intentionally do a project related that uses a lot of date-related data and force yourself to use the date formatting functions especially the built-in Python functions instead of the alternatives like external libraries. I find that those kind of formatting and syntactical knowledge like date formatting and Regular Expression (Regex) can seem cryptic at first and it takes time for them to click; but once they do click, which can come out of the blue, it’s much much easier to work with them.

They’re also one of those things that if you don’t push yourself a bit and then give up out of frustration, picking them up later can be difficult because you might have some sort “trauma” haha; that’s not a generalization but just my experience giving up on trying to understand Regex and finding myself copying and pasting other people’s code for quite some time; it took me at least a year before I decided to try to understand them again and fortunately, it clicked that time around.


Big AMEN on the regex thing, would need to dive into that again for sure. Thanks for these honest words. I will def. try to do some more projects with dates and especially regex as it is super helpful.


No worries @Binchentso.

Good luck on improving those skills and happy learning.

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