Facing issue while using lambda function

Every time I am facing this issue, please help me out.


Whenever creating a new question please make sure that -

  • You include the link to the Mission or Mission Step that relates to your question. It helps add context to your question, making it easier for others to help you out.
    • If this is not related to Dataquest’s content, please clarify that.
    • If you are working on your local system, then please clarify that as well as the python version you are working with as well.
  • You include the code itself, properly formatted, instead of using a screenshot. It helps people to directly copy your code and try to run it in the corresponding Mission to see what the issue might be.

I’d wager that you overwrote list with something (probably a list). Try running del list at the beginning of your answer.

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Thanks a lot. The issue has been solved. :blush:

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