Fack check a tutorial on pandas time series

I think there is a mistake in this tutorial.

The first row above, labelled 2006-01-01 , contains the mean of all the data contained in the time bin 2006-01-01 through 2006-01-07 . The second row, labelled 2006-01-08 , contains the mean data for the 2006-01-08 through 2006-01-14 time bin, and so on. By default, each row of the downsampled time series is labelled with the left edge of the time bin.

Turns out, 2006-01-08 contains the mean of data from 2006-01-02 through 2006-01-08. So, it is the right edge, not the left.

I enjoyed this tutorial so much. Keep up.

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Hi @TungNguyen623cbd3a24,

I will let the blog author know about it.