Feature request: Dark Mode

Hello DQ team,
The platform is great for learning Data Science. But sometimes I wish there was a dark mode because reading a text on a white background for long hours puts strains on my eyes. I know there are Chrome/browser extensions that turn the view into Dark Mode but they are bulky and sometimes do not work as intended. I am not requesting to change all the images on the mission to be Dark when I switch to Dark Mode. I just want to read the text in Dark Mode, images do not need to be modified. Viewer, if you are reading this and agree, please leave a comment petitioning for this feature.
Thank you!


Hello @saidakbarp,

I’m with you on this one. In fact, I’d like all websites and apps to have a dark mode :joy: I hate looking at a white screen.

I do not know what extensions you tried, but this one called Dark Reader works really well for me, even in DQ’s missions. Of course, it has its problems with images, but it’s way better with it than without it.

But yes, a dark mode from the website would be even better.

I still remember using Blackle search engine by Google when there were no Dark modes. :joy:
Yes, they should.


You can change the text and editor theme into dark from here.



Thank Dilara,
I just noticed the existence of that setting :sweat_smile: This should be a feature available from the editor as well.