Fee structure for Business Analysis

I please need some guidance on how to quote for offering Business Analysis services as a Consultant. I have my own financial company, thus used to cashflow challenges, etc.

I have been “practising” with two potential clients while studying. The draft Analysis (done on 50% of the data sets) was well received and I was asked how much I will charge if this service is expanded to other/all branches.

The analysis includes: Stakeholder, Environmental, SWOT, data, etc. The final report is a “Strategic Plan” for growth which includes suggested integration strategies and testing of the results.

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Sorry, but I had understood something else and when I realized it I had already uploaded it.

If you do not mind and when you know something (which will surely go very well) I find it would be interesting to share here how you have done :pray:, as a Boost of energy.

Thank very 1000 much. :wink: