Feed Back for "Hacker News " Guided project - welcome corrections

Hello Everyone,
Just now I have completed my guided project “hacker news” data set. I would like to request you feel free to review my project and suggest me any corrections if necessary.

hacker_news.ipynb (10.5 KB)
Thank you,
Have a good one

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Welcome to DQ Community @kalyanipadaraju5

Congratulations on completing your first project. :ok_hand:

You have covered the project on the technical front. I would encourage you to try the extra tasks as well, to improve and better the coding skills.

Also, have a look at the style guide to make the project more readable and seamless. No hurries on perfection, take a couple of style tips at a time.

you can find the informative articles here

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