Feed back on Answering Business Ques. using SQL and extra questions

Hi Guys,
Took some time doing this one.
Any feedback would be appreciated, especially on the extra questions.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Report on Chinook Music.ipynb (376.7 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Note: If you want to see the SQL code there is a button on the top-left corner which shows and hides the code. This is for those of you who want to read the info. If you are interested in the code just click Show Code.


Hi @jesmaxavier

What a wonderful project on Answering Business Ques using SQL. The project is well organized , the introduction is so informing. I love the way you have confined the subtopics into a table of content(the indexes), great work indeed. I can see you have gone further to read the database into pandas, I up laud you on this. The explanations you have given , have exposed a lot of fact on chinook music. The visualization, use of seaborn libraries is just excellent. Honestly, have learned a lot through your project, never thought of giving a recommendations or even the acknowledgement , both have displayed good impression. Have got a suggestion , I think it could have been more better if you could have consider adding some links of the database you have used, for easy access. Otherwise to me, everything looks nice and have been well presented .
Happy learning.


Wow, i really enjoyed your notebook. You are a wizard at visualizations and I will be playing with some of the plots that you utilized. It’s fun to see the different ways that people attack queries.

Great Job, and thanks for sharing!


Thanks @brayanopiyo18! Sincerely appreciate your feedback. Its motivating :smiley:
Also its wonderful that you have been putting time to review a lot of the work being put out.Kudos :+1:

Regarding the visualizations, I was encouraged to do the same after seeing the work by many of the other DQers.

Could you clarify what you meant by

I had attached an image of the schema. Would something more have helped?

@kevinjhuang happy to know that you enjoyed reading it!

Regarding the visualizations, I am an absolute beginner :baby:.
If it helps with your learning, I’ve included the links to the source of the articles that helped with creating my visualizations as comments in my code.
Happy learning!! :smiley:

I think your definition of absolute beginner and mine are slightly different. haha.

Ahh i just noticed the data visualization courses were just updated, too.
I’m running through them real quick so i have more practice and i’ll revisit my notebook again.

but yes i’ll take a look at your links. thanks, again.