Feedback about CIA Factbook Data Using SQL

The link to my project is as follows and I appreciate your feedback.
Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL
I have a question that I mentioned in my analysis as well. The population growth rate is positive for all countries which do not seem correct for some countries like Japan and Russia. I wonder if this is the data problem or there is something else. I appreciate it if you share your idea about that.


  1. I like that you added a markdown explaining what you were about to do, then explained your findings afterwards.
  2. Also, you added a conclusion at the end, giving a summary of the whole analysis (although “conclusion” is spelt wrongly there). Looks good.
  3. However, your indentation isn’t consistent. While this doesn’t affect the code, I think it looks better to mostly have the same indentation before your SELECT, FROM and ORDER BY clauses. Although that could just be your style

You mentioned that you expect the population growth rates for Japan and Russia to be negative. Please why is that?

Thanks a lot for your comments. I have done some corrections according to them.

About the population growth, I think it should be calculated with this formula (division by 10 is because the rates are for 1000 people and to transfer it to percent, division by 10 is required):
(birth_rate + migration_rate - death_rate)/10
for Japan:
(7.93 + 0.0 - 9.51)/10 = - 0.158
There are also some other countries with negative population growth. Please have a look at the cal_pop_growth column in the second table in Higher death rate than birth rate section.