Feedback about SAT scores of NYC schools and Demographics

This is the link to my project:
SAT scores of NYC schools and Demographics

I appreciate receiving any feedback about the analysis and writing.


hey @jafarinasim

Since I haven’t completed this project, I can’t delve into the technical aspects of it.

Having said that, this is really great work! I especially like the completeness of this project. :+1:

The intro, the sections, the markdowns, the plots, and the conclusion - they create a seamless workflow.

just a bit of suggestion, on GitHub somehow the markdowns don’t render the way we have formatted or created them, so your list even though is one below the other would still come in one line only. Try to compare your project once using NBviewer (this can be done with the help of this post

Thank you for sharing this project. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your comments, I tried to solve the Markdown numbering problem in the conclusion section.
Thanks again.

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