Feedback about Star Wars Survey project

I have just completed the Star Wars Survey project and this is the link:
Star Wars Survey

I appreciate any ideas and comments but especially I would like to know your ideas about the last two parts (Which character shot first? and Favorable characters).



@jafarinasim i liked your project, also m learning many things from this,

Thank you so much for sharing :slight_smile:

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Hello @jafarinasim Nice work you’ve done here. :raised_hands:t6: :clap:t6: :clap:t6:

  • I can see you’ve included Headings, descriptions and Also Conclusion, those are very important in a project.
  • Also good work with the plots, they have aesthetics making them more meaningful.

You can read more on how to style your code here:

Good work :tada:


Thank you for your comment.

Thanks for your comments and the reference you have shared.