Feedback and Suggestions: Portfolio Website

Hi everyone!

I built my portfolio website recently and intend to share my Dataquest projects, as well as a few other data-science and ML projects, via the website.

I chose to work on the projects using R Markdown instead of Jupyter because R Markdown didn’t require any additional installations. It also enabled me to use Visual Studio Code and R Studio to edit content, which was very convenient for me.

As I didn’t opt for Jupyter, I won’t be sharing any IPYNB files with you. However, I do request you to share your feedback about the content of the project introductions and the accompanying posts. You can also read some of my online books if you are interested.

Thank you so much,


Wow! I’m amazed and inspired by your work @sthakur I’m wondering if you can direct to the resources that you used when creating those posts? I’m thinking of following in your footsteps regarding the portfolio and blog posts.

On the feedback side off things, a quick look at your website shows a very-well though out and visually pleasing site. However, I believe you make it more stronger by adding or replacing some of the text outputs with charts. For example, on this post: there were little to no charts to be found and I found various parts (ie. frequency outputs) that would have been best approached with charts (ie. histograms).

I think that’s my main concern but other than that, AWESOME story-telling and website overall! Keep it up!! :raised_hands:t4: Also, I sent you a LinkedIn connection request; let’s connect I’d like to talk more regarding your journey, posts or anything else.


Hi @dannygarcia! Thank you.

I didn’t use any resources other than the original Dataquest project. Of course, I had to learn pandas, etc., but I don’t think you mean those resources. Do you?

And I didn’t use any charts because they didn’t seem relevant at that time. I was focusing on the result rather than charts. In the other projects on my portfolio website, I have added graphs.

Thanks for the LinkedIn request, and thanks again for your feedback.


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@sthakur Oh I meant for building the website. I’m thinking of creating a website to showcase my portfollio as well. I really admire the work you put in to yours; it came out really good!

As for the charts, yea I guess. It was just a recommendation for the blog posts specifically to make it more visually pleasing–might be helpful as most stakeholders are non-technical individuals.

I noticed! Nice to connect with you :slight_smile:

@dannygarcia193 I used the following resources:

  1. Blogdown
  2. The Academic theme
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