Feedback Appreciated: Analyzing Employee Exit Surveys

Hello everyone,
I just finished the Employee Exit Survey. It took me a full day.

Here’s the GitHub Repo

The tutorial can be found here

Any feedback is appreciated.
Thank you, Ray.

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hey @RayOjel
Thank you for sharing this project. This was short and straightforward.

The conclusion part directly under the intro was new and different for me. The sections flowed with ease and your comments explained your work process as well.

I liked your simple classification of data - young and older, that way the focus is completing the task and moving on. And it’s good to see I have 8-10 years still to see myself in older category :wink:

two things I will highlight here for future projects:

  • consistency of section headers - Q1 is there but Q2 is missing and such trivial things.
  • why no axis labels and/or titles for plots? like what does 0.5 signify? is it a percentage or some point scale etc.
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Hey @Rucha,
Thank you for the quick reply, I really appreciate it! I like to put my conclusion in the beginning because it’s like a scientific paper, you want to see the results to know if it’s even worth reading or not.
Yes I noticed the Q2 was missing after I uploaded it and tbh was too lazy to go back and change it and re-upload it.
And yes I do need to work on improving my plot aesthetics but I still don’t understand why it’s important. During my time as a math undergrad, I just plotted randomly to get the picture so I just instinctually do it like this, read the data and draw conclusions.

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hey @RayOjel

I am a learner at DQ too and quite frankly my formal introduction with data-science has started here only!

Your question has been answered by brilliant minds all over the world and the internet in various forms, formats, jargon, etc. etc. The most prominent being “A picture is worth a thousand words!”. :sunglasses:

Imagine a Big Shot, gives you only 60 secs to show to Him/Her/It (what if it’s an AI being). Will you show the code or the plot? which one will provide the gist of everything you have done? Nope, conclusions are words too! (not time to speak or read or anything just show!)

What I have gained as experience, the seniors won’t wait for you to explain your code and they won’t be interested so much in your conclusion till the time you paint them a picture.

The picture here is subjective … it can be a plot, a schematic, a summary table, a screenshot of error/ warning/ etc anything.
Anything which clearly and concisely describes/abstracts your idea, the flow of it, the connections and branches, the conclusion… It is not necessary for this picture to answer everything, just two things are enough - they should reflect what you are trying to convey and they should make the other want to communicate more with you!

hope this helps. If anything seems out of line/ context, blame it on @nityesh (this was all his idea!) :grin: :grimacing: