[FEEDBACK] First Guided Project 'Analyzing CIA Factbook Data' Using SQL

I would love to receive feedback on how to improve my first ever Guided Project/Data Analysis using SQL.

Here is the link to the mission screen:

Notebook File:
CIA FactbookData Analysis Parent.ipynb (134.1 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hello, and congrats on finishing your first SQL guided project!

Overall, I thought you did a great job. Your formatting looked good and was easy to read. I noticed a few, minor areas that might be helpful for this project or future ones:

  1. Including CAST() and ROUND() for the sections with ratios. For example, the land to water ratio you created could benefit from both, especially if you ever wanted to have clearer rankings.

  2. Be careful with the aggregate functions. Specifically in this project when using AVG(). For the section on densely populated countries, the ‘World’ row wasn’t excluded so some countries may have not have been included based on the conditional calculation.

  3. Consider writing out explanations or your own interpretation of the results. You might be learning SQL for other things, but it can be helpful to practice in case you ever have to explain your work or findings to others.

I hope this was helpful! Good luck with the rest of the course!

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