Feedback For The Guided Project 2

Hi, everyone I just finished my second project and I think its a bit easier than the first. I also try to improve the way the notebook looks to the reader but I’m still trying to get better in analysis.
So any feedback from you guys will be much appreciated.

Have a good day.

the link for the mission

Basics.ipynb (16.8 KB)

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Hi @gehadeltabakh

Thanks for sharing your second guided project on exploring the Hacker News. Have gone through your work and have enjoyed reading through. Your introduction, the aim/goal , use of markdown cell, the comments, the conclusion are so informative, thumbs up for the good work buddy.
I agree with you that this project is easier compared to the first one, though there could be many reasons, I think one of the reasons is to the fact that you had to work with the two datasets and compare the results in every step, this is just too much for a beginner.

Mine therefore is just to congratulate you for the good work and wishing you all the best in your upcoming projects.

Happy learning!

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Thank you @brayanopiyo18 for your feedback and I am happy that you found it informative.