Feedback for the Hacker News + Comments for further development

Hello everyone,

I am submitting my first project for your feedback. As you can already notice, I have left out the commentaries and narratives for the purpose of making it code-focused as I am having some questions.

Hacker News Guided Project- Dataquest.ipynb (11.3 KB)

In the In[2] am getting totally different values from what I have seen in other projects. And from that line, I am getting different values but with the same conclusions in the end.

In In[3] as the result of the printing functions for len(ask_posts), len(show_posts) and len(other_posts) I am getting different results again. Somehow they are not filtered. Any idea here?

In In[8] I did not understand why I should create the date_format in which I am specifying the structure of time. It might be that I did not understand completely how .strptime works. And then naturally the counts_by_hour is faulty because of the outcome of the first lines of code.

As I am new to coding in Python and I am working my way to becoming a Data Scientist (currently studying Masters in Economics & Business Administration which I do not quite like)

Hi @vallentin.ciocirlan, please follow these steps to share your project and add a preview link to your project. Also it looks like your attachment link is not working.

Hacker News Guided Project- Dataquest.ipynb|attachment](upload://5KPwVWY8EH7Z9TpY9vl9S8k9vZp.ipynb) (11.3 KB)

The starting square bracket [ should be used instead of a pipe |.

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I have re-uploaded my project