Feedback for the project of Star Wars Survey

Hi folks,
I have finished the guided project of Star Wars Survey.
Please feel free to leave your feedback.

The link to the last mission screen.

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab.


Hello, I’ve checked out your project. Here’s some things I’ve noticed:

  • “We can find the data from the Github repository.” You haven’t linked the github repo that contains the data. You can use the format below to provide the link of the repository:
[Github repository](the link to the repo)
  • I recommend explaining the project in more detail in the first markdown. Like whom the data was collected by, how many samples the data contains etc…
  • It’s nice that you leave comments in your code, however, you should explain what you’re doing in that code in a markdown before the code since people who don’t write code might be too intimidated to check out the contents of the code cells.
  • Instead of using the phrase NaN (not a number), I recommend you use “missing values”.

Good job! You can check mine out from here, too, if you wish.


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