Feedback Guided Project: Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets

Hello folks,

I’ve just finished my first data analyst project, and share my feedback with you. The missions were a little bit difficult for me at the beginning, but I had learned new concepts and improved my English narrative speech.
I so excited to continue my journey in this fantastic data science world.

Here is a link to my notebook:

Here is my notebook file:
Data_Analyst_Mission_001.ipynb (64.1 KB)

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Hi @mahouessimi,

I really love your final analysis and suggestion on creating a brand new app by merging the top apps’ features! Not only that, but you also touch the social aspect which made your suggested app looks very convincing to develop. Good job!

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Hello @bounski,

Thank you for your tremendous feedback for my work. It is a good feeling to be connected with folks like you.

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