Feedback if any on My First Guided Project


This is my First Guided Project.
Please let me know if there is any feedback you have for me.

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Hi @kshitijsule24,

Welcome to the community.

It seems you didn’t upload a link to your guided project for people to review. No worries, you can just refer to the following guideline on how to do so:

If you need any help, please ask and I’m more than happy to help.


Basics.ipynb (78.2 KB)
Here is the guided project that I worked on. Please let me know if there is any feedback.

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Hey Boss! I’m a beginner as well and just want to say congratulations just for being here. I didn’t see any problems with the code and have only two observations:

  1. If you re-read your project, you’ll see that your markdown headers go from “Attempts each year” to “Attempts per Year III” and that the latter header is repeated again when you do your horizontal bar chart.

  2. There is a missing section in the assignment (if I recall) where you’re supposed to do a frequency table for the number of attempts by Country to determine where the highest # was.

Ok that’s all! Hope this is helpful and my best wishes for you as you continue learning.

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