Feedback Needed for Employee Exit Survey Project

Hello everyone! I just finished the Employee Exit Survey project and was wondering if I can receive feedback on it. Where can I improve and what did I do right?

DataQuest_Assignment (2).ipynb (3.5 MB)

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Wow… This is very thorough analysis! I see a huge effort behind this work :slight_smile:
Nice intro, questions asked, data preprocessed and munged to find out the answers.
Job very well done!

Speaking on conclusions, I think there is a topic for research. Probably, DETE employees see more opportunities for improvement, rather than showing dissatisfaction? Otherwise why would they stay there for so long? In other words, I was puzzled by level of what is called “dissatisfaction” in this research growing together with age? Or was that number of years worked at DETE? Experience level is a bit confusing here.

Also, if I may suggest, I would separate data processing part and research part. Those interested in code are distracted by graphs, and those interested by research itself loosing the line between pieces of code :slight_smile: Probably, part one could be like these are the questions, let crunch some data this and that way, here are the results. And for institutes it would be rather easier to understand the pure story without the code. Like, we have processed data from such-n-such amount of people, these were the questions and here are our findings.

Overall this is very-very solid work. Congrats on a job well done!

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@ranklord Thank you for the kind remarks and constructive feedback! I’ll make sure to revise my logic and conclusions, and then share it again for further feedback. Would that be okay with you?

Lastly, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by the last paragraph in regards to reforming the content of the notebook. Can you share an example notebook for reference?


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@ranklord So I went back and saw that I forgot to replace “experience” with “age” for one of the graphs–thanks for noting that! I also made sure to add the word “aggregate” to the graphs to indicate total percentage of employees who reported being dissatisfied. Also note, the data reflects individuals at one set time point–when they left the institute. Lastly, I added a link in the introduction for people interested in skipping straight to the analysis section.

Let me know what you think!

Employee_Exit_Survey_Analysis (1).ipynb (3.5 MB)

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