Feedback on Ebay Car Sale Project

Hello! I just finished the Ebay Car Sale project. I tried to add more comments in my work after getting feedback on my previous project. I am always looking for ways to improve. Please feel free to take a look and let me know when you think :smile:

ebay.ipynb (161.3 KB)

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Hi @mariecarmelinasandri,

Thanks for sharing the project. The way you have jotted down your markdown, very comprehensive indeed. The way you have included a precise description of the functions or methods being used to manipulate the data-set in each step, I think would be useful for any beginner learners reading through your project. However, I’m not sure if this is encouraged in a documentation in the professional environment. Maybe @april.g could throw some light here.

For better readability, I would suggest that you limit to displaying only a few rows of the data-set autos, after reading the csv. Overall, your project was easy to follow. Good job! :slight_smile:

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Nice job on your project @mariecarmelinasandri. I like how you’ve laid everything out and explained your processes and reasoning. I liked the table at the end that broke down the damage in each car. You may want to rethink the Total row though, it’s misleading (using the average of all the cars instead of the sum I think is better).

I think the amount of comments is appropriate for this kind of project because part of the purpose was cleaning up the data in order to make some general analysis about it. I’m not an expert though, but this in-depth style guide is my go-to reference for that kind of thing.

Thanks for sharing with us!


Thank you both for your feedback! I wasn’t sure whether this amount of comments was too much. Your inputs helped :slight_smile:

While correcting the ‘total’ part of my table, i noticed that the brands and corresponding values were not matching. I managed to solve the issue though.