Feedback on Exploring Hacker News Posts

I just finished the Exploring Hacker News Posts and looking for feedback on code readibility. Should I enter each code snippet into a new cell of enter all of my code into a single cell under a subheadline?
Any other feedback would be appreciated.

  • Thank you!

ExploringHackerNewPosts.ipynb (13.5 KB)

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Hi @pavelbrn

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your project on Exploring Hacker News Posts. The codes have been well worked on and has thus rendered good output. The explanations given are so informing, the conclusion as well has been well presented, I love how you have customize the color of the subtopics they are admirable, great job indeed mate! keep it up.

Should I enter each code snippet into a new cell of enter all of my code into a single cell under a subheadline?

I think this will depends on the type of project you are working and you will also have some factors to consider. For example you will notice that some outputs require immediate explanations such that when mix with other outputs, the whole staff will some how be less readable and the code lines will as well appear complex. So I think having each code snipped into a new cell or the whole code lines into single cell isn’t a big deal,but you can always go for having the code lines into new cells .

Any other feedback would be appreciated.

  • It’s always advisable to add the link of the dataset you are working on , for easy access by the reader/reviewer.
  • You haven’t included comments in your entire working, remember it’s through the comments that the reader will have understanding of some of your code lines that may appear complex. Hope you’ll checked onto that in your upcoming projects.
  • Most of the outputs like in cell[116], has been displayed horizontally, which to me is somehow less readable, you can have them displayed vertically by avoiding the print() function.
  • Also consider re-running your project to have the sequential ordering of the cells.

Otherwise to me, everything looks great and congratulations mate! for the good presentation.

Happy learning!

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Thank you very much for your tips! I will use all of your points in my next project for better readibility and presentation. :sunglasses:

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