Feedback on GP: Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL

Happy to receive any constructive feedback…it’s all about the learning process!

CIA_World_Factbook.ipynb (59.9 KB)

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Hi @mathmike314

Thank you for sharing your project on Analyzing CIA Factbook Data. The project is so cool and well worked on. The introduction is well fed with information, the objectives, the explanations given are so informing. I love the summary you have given in the conclusion , those findings are highly recommendable.
Have got a suggestion, I think you could have elaborated further on some of the outputs. Like for example , while checking the most densely populated country(eg Bangladesh) , giving reasons that has triggers to this factor would be better. Also explaining why China is the most highly populated country , could have added more positive impact in your project.

Otherwise to me, everything looks great and just congratulating you for the good work.
Happy learning.

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Thank you kindly, @brayanopiyo18! I did put considerable time and effort into this project so I really appreciate your review. This time investment also explains both your compliments and suggestions: where I put in the time & effort you noticed the impact…that said, because of all the time & effort invested, some of the ‘last minute’ additions (like the population metrics) did not receive the same attention to detail that others did. TBH, I just wanted to move on to something new! :slight_smile: But your comments are a good reminder that everything that goes into a report should receive the attention it deserves.

Happy to receive the feedback! Now back to happily learning! :sunglasses:

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Thank you very much for acknowledging my suggestion , and I totally agree with you that you may end up missing the ‘last minute’ additions, and of course this may due to number of factors like time and so on. Happy learning too and wishing you the best in your upcoming projects.

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