Feedback on GP: Predict Stock

Hello guys, It was an interesting project where I took many days to complete.
I’ll appreciate it if you give me feedback.


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Hi, biadboze
Congratulation, only few people here reach to ML.
work in Oriental laconically ))
Always check the R2 parameter, as it shows whether your model converges or not…If you are just starting out - build graphs for and predicted to visually see. Here ML/DL is very short and few graduates reach ML and comment on your ML projects. If you need more extensive knowledge of ML / DL, look at to /… From the explanatory book of the reference book, I recommend Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Karas, and Tenzorflow by Aurélien Géron 2019

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Thank you very much. what do you mean by R2 parameter, I’m a newbie in ML.