Feedback on Guided Project 2: Hacker News

Please let me know how I can improve this project. I’d like to include it in my work application portfolio.

IdentifyingHowAndWhenToPostOnHacker.ipynb (26.3 KB)

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whats stopping you from doing a few plots?
and internal navigation?

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I could make plots, but with how I plan to explain my portfolio it wouldn’t make sense. I want to show the journey of my learning through snapshots in time. In this snapshot I didn’t know how to plot yet :). I have gone back and reformatted the Jupyter Notebook layout and improved the code because a lot of it was really bad.

What do you mean by internal navigation?

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I understand the journey concept - I’m doing the same, but my opinion is that you should raise the bar for entry point: include Matplotlib etc. IMHO recruiter is not going to be too interested to follow your whole educational path, they’ll just look at 1 or 2 projects, that’s why I think you should raise the bar a bit on them (especially the first ones).

navigation: if you look at any of the projects I’ve published (fresh example) at the beginning you have links to every section, beginning of each section has a link to the very top of the notebook - just makes navigating a lot easier


thank you @adam.kubalica and @kevindarley2024

I will keep it more in mind than ever.