Feedback on Guided Project: Analyzing CIA Factbook data

Hi guys!

This was a a fairly straight forward project. Any general feedback would be good.

World Facts by the CIA.ipynb (900.1 KB)

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Pretty good work. Was very interesting to read and I really liked your titles…

Just one question: why did you decide to calculate the number “Death Rate - Birth Rate” for “Countries that have a death rate that is greater than their birth rate.” Wouldn’t it have been more intuitive to calculate “Birth Rate - Death Rate” and show a negative number?


@redorbluepill thank you for your feedback. Its a wonderful motivator.

You are right about the DeathRate-BirthRate, it is better to show a negative value. It is logical from a reader’s perspective.
I’m able to relate more with positive numbers which is why I went down that lane.

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Hi @jesmaxavier,

Your project is really awesome! Perfect structure including navigation, cover image and the acknowledgement section, great and even intriguing subtitles (totally agree with @redorbluepill about it), cool observations, helpful emphasizing of the most important ideas throughout the project and amazing side articles which you referenced in your work.

Some suggestions from my side:

  • It’s better to re-run the whole project when it’s already completed, to have all the code cells in order and starting from 1.
  • It makes sense to limit the output of the code cell [45]. For example to show only the first 10 rows, just to display the overall structure of the table.
  • You can consider rounding some outputs throughout the project, in the code cells [53], [56], [58], [60], and some others.
  • I don’t know if to suggest you or not unhiding the input code. It can be important if a reader of your project wants to follow your logics and dive deeper in the initial code. Well, it’s up to you if to consider it or not, and of course the most important thing is to have the correct output anyway, whether the code is shown or hidden.

Hope my suggestions were useful. Great job once again! :star:


@Elena_Kosourova thank you for taking the time to review. Appreciate your feedback on the same!
Regarding the suggestions you put forward.

  • I tend to get overly keen on uploading my project. So I tend to forget to re-run the whole thing. I shall keep a look out for that in the future.
  • Regarding limiting, I agree. Again going to keep a look out for that. Its those details that often skips reviewing.
  • The rounding got missed on some occasions. Its something I need to look out for
  • I’ve always imagined my reports being read by some C-suite executive who wants to get in to the crux of the matter as opposed to seeing the whole detail. The option could be set by her. If it guys like you or me who want to read the code, just press, Show Code and voila!

Your suggestions were absolutely helpful and they are an absolute motivator. Thank you!!

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That’s great @jesmaxavier, very glad that it was useful!