Feedback on Guided Project - Ebay Car Sales Data + added challenge

Please find below my project for the Ebay Car Sales Germany Project, including my solutions for the challenges on the last page of the project.
Any feedback is very appreciated, especially on markdown, project build-up, conclusions and obviously code.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Hi Imer, congrats on completing your project! I thought you did a good job of explaining to the reader what you were doing and explaining the conclusions based on the steps you performed. The numbers and values look consistent with other students’ projects. I would recommend a concluding paragraph that summarized your results and what data cleaning steps to make the project feel complete.

I’m not sure what the “Comparing brand vs model” is supposed to be showing though. I couldn’t tell what criteria was used to make each model the “top” model for each brand (it looks like it’s reverse alphabetical order). For example if we look up just the Volkswagen models, we can see that Golf has the most entries:

autos[autos['brand'] == 'volkswagen']['model'].value_counts()
golf           3707
polo           1609
passat         1349
transporter     674
touran          433
lupo            322
sharan          222
caddy           204
beetle          123
tiguan          118
bora            100
other            96
touareg          94
scirocco         85
fox              82
eos              66
kaefer           57
up               51
jetta            38
phaeton          31
cc               18
amarok            6

Some other projects tackled these extra challenges too, so they might give you some ideas of how to proceed in case you get stuck.

Thanks for sharing your project with us. Let us know if you update it, and we look forward to seeing future projects!