Feedback on Guided Project : Is Fandango Still Inflating Movie Ratings

Hi everyone! This is the first guided project I’m sharing with the community. This project concerned Fandango movie ratings. More specifically, in this article, published in 2015, Walt Hickey finds out that the rating where often rounded up incorrectly, artificially inflating them.

In this project, we’re looking to analyse the situation in 2016, and determine whether Fandago corrected their algorithm. I went a bit further in this project, and considered another way to compare ratings in 2015 and 2016.

I’m looking for feedback on my work, please share anything that comes to mind. I’m especially interested in presentation issues, such as graphs. I’m also curious as to whether the extra analysis I did, i.e. parts ‘A finer analysis’ and ‘Comparing 2015 ratings’ is worthwhile.


Is Fandango Still Inflating Its Ratings.ipynb (273.5 KB)

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