Feedback on Guided Project: Popular Data Science Questions

Hi all,

Here is my attempt on the Guided project: Popular DS questions.

I’m still trying to get my head around the additional analysis questions mentioned in the link above. I could only solve the second task from the list, and pretty not sure if I’ve done it right. Could someone guide and share ideas on ways to solve the rest?

Basics.ipynb (494.9 KB)

Looking forward to your comments and feedback.


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Hey all, still waiting for your valuable feedback and comments. :worried: @april.g, could you please have a look if time permits. Thanks

Hey Anjali, been a while! Between life getting busier and the community getting more active ( :partying_face: yay!), your post slipped my notice.

I had to refamiliarize myself with this project since it’s been a while for me. I think you did a good job introducing and explaining your steps, and the code is easy to follow.

I’m not much help on the remaining questions though, since I don’t have access to the missions right now. Hopefully posting will help bump this up a bit and someone can have a look. I tried looking up some other student submissions to compare but I couldn’t find another one that attempted those questions either. I think you had a good start with exploring the popularity of the tags based on the answer and favorite counts, though.

I had a thought in my head to look at the percentage share each tag takes for the number of views, answers, and favorites rather than the counts. It took me way too long to execute (I need to practice more…) and I’m not sure it was worth the effort. I’m sharing the resulting graph anyway.

Anyhow, I think you did a great job! Thanks for sharing, hopefully someone else will tackle those additional questions too!

Thanks @april.g. I’ll have it updated to plot the percentage share each tag. It would be great if a solution file to this mission with the solution to the additional questions is shared with the community. This post doesn’t provide the solution to the additional questions. It’d be really appreciated if the anyone could share the solution. :slight_smile: