Feedback on Guided Project: Visualizing earnings based upon college majors

Hi community members,

I’d appreciate any feedback that you may have on my guided project, Visualizing Earnings based on College Majors.

In particular, I’d appreciate any feedback on the extra work that I did in the final two sections: ‘Visualizing the data: Bar plots’, and ‘Additional Analysis’.

  • Are there more efficient ways that could have achieved the same results?

  • Did I approach the extra analysis in a clear and effective way? As in would an experienced python user do it differently?

Guided_Project_4_Vivek.ipynb (1009.2 KB)

Many thanks for your help,


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hi @v.kotecha

Thank you for sharing this project.

Without going deep dive, I wish to say this about the project submission:

  • you have covered the overall theme of the project, as how it should be, so cool work there. :ok_hand: It does need a conclusion part though even if we have comments/ results in between, a closing summary adds value to the project.

  • I liked your idea about deviating a bit from the guided instructions and highlighting the outliers part from the instructed plots. :+1:

Coming to your queries, these are not the true answers. These are just some quick suggestion to help you explore.

  • for the additional analysis, you have similar to grouping by major category. I am not sure if you have come across the dataframe.groupby function - if not then it’s okay. If yes, perhaps try out grouping based on major and then calculating averages. Also, I may be totally wrong here. So I guess even I am gonna try this.

  • for the bar plots before 1. I would suggest you to perhaps add a horizontal line, which shows the average UR of entire major category and then shows the bars for majors which are above/ below this line. so the plot won’t look like the X major has 12% UR. (I kind of had to double check that part or it may be just me!)

hope this feedback is helpful to you.

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Awesome presentation with detailed analysis @v.kotecha

Keep up the Good Work…!!!

Happy Coding !

Hi Vivek,

Nice work it is presented clearly in structure.

There is a typo here:

This scatter plot uses earning information for an unweighted sample of people with the major. Therefore it may not be representative of the population of graudates with this major as a whole

For the graph you did sample against median (I am not sure if that is better ), but I did total against median per advice given here:

Thanks for the feedback @Rucha, @srilakshmiimhskalirs, and @jamesberentsen,

@Rucha - I’ve just learnt the groupby function and I agree that would have made my analysis easier.

@jamesberentsen Thanks for the link to the Q&A topic - it’s helpful to see how other people have answered the questions.