Feedback on my first project ever in DQ community: (College earnings)

This is my first project ever to be shared in the community.

I would welcome any feedback on the analysis part in particular. Are they easy to read, are the insights worth spending time on?

The plots that I did not put any comment on are the ones I had difficulty analysis. Any thought would be most welcome.


Basics.ipynb (632.7 KB)

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Great job on your first project @furkan.demirdoven! You did a great job of creating clear and concise visualizations and providing your interpretations of what these plots meant. I’m about to post my solution to this project as well, and I am coming up with similar conclusions as you did. One recommendation I have is creating a conclusion section summarizing the findings you came up with.

Great job and I look forward to your future projects!


hey @furkan.demirdoven

agree with @samson.john.

Thanks for sharing your project and congratulations on completing your first project! :slight_smile:

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Great job, your interpretations were clear, they included all the important information.

@furkan.demirdoven really nice job mate! I personally got stuck and am looking at your completed project to help me out for analysis.

Could I ask how you managed to add colors for your Unemployment Rate vs Majors Barplots? Mine is only coming up with one color for each bar. Thanks so much!

Hi rw1219,

Sorry for the late reply. If you use pandas’ own plotting rather than matplotlib, the default plot in colors.

instead of…)