Feedback please : Guided Project for Review: Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys

Hi colleagues,
I just finished the guided project. I would like to know if the workflow that I have adopted is practical or not. Your feedbacks are welcome.
Thank you.

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hey @sabritrabelsi90

Great work on this project. I am not sure what you mean by the practicality of workflow.

I do wish to say, you have nailed the project technically and also added your personal touch to display the results.
For a more professional look for the project, my suggestion would be to use a new line character along with or without your separators like “\n”. This would be a faster and neater way to code and print results. You may use “***” for the learning purpose (and to submit at DQ) and create a separate copy for professional submissions (like at linkedIn, GitHub etc.)

One thing I do wish to highlight is the lack of markdowns in this project. Since you have done a couple of steps (not delving deep into code) differently than tasked for, you could have added a brief write-up about them using markdown cells.

I am learning this myself, and no expert. So would suggest you, look for titles about plots that are self-explanatory and give an idea of what the plots are about without being wordy.
For example : “The most signed separation type by employees for leaving the institute” to
“Prominent/Leading reasons cited by Employees for Separation/Exit”

Thank you for sharing your project. All the best for next one!

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I have taken into consideration everything you have highlighted. thank you @Rucha for your precious comments. Could you please take a second look.
Thanks again.

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new ta