Feedback Project 4


Hope you’re doing well

Attached you will find my Project 4

Thank you so much

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Luis C Baez L

Project_4 _Visualizing_Earnings_Based_On_College_Majors.ipynb (563.7 KB)

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Hi Luis! The coding for your project looks good, nicely commented. I appreciate the way you break up the sections with headings and subheadings, it makes the process of reading smooth. Your hexplot at the end is the first one I’ve seen with that color scheme, it’s got a nice vibe to it.

You may want to add additional interpretations for your graphs (particularly after part 3). I know that you made the graphs because the guided project said so, but someone not affiliated with DQ would probably be interested in knowing what purpose they serve and what you interpret from them. I think this goes beyond the specific questions asked in the project, but would greatly enhance it.

Thanks for sharing with us!