Feedback Request: Analyzing Profitable App Profiles in Google Play and Apple Store

Hi Everyone! I would like to request your feedback in my first guided project in pyhon.
I would like to know a few things namely:

  1. What do you think to my overall structure of the notebook? (Title, Introduction, Function / Code Explanation and Code Comments)
  2. How I write my code
  3. Anything worth mentioning even the smallest detail

This will help me improve even more in my choice of programming language which is python.

first-guided-project.ipynb (147.3 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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@201812311 Great work. Really liked your analysis for the project. I possible add a conclusion at the last and generalize for both App Store and Play Store.


Will do before I post this in github! Just posted it right away when I finished to hear some feedbacks.

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