Feedback Request: Guided Project - German eBay used cars

Hi everyone!

This is my first completed project. This project was analyzing the dataset for the used cars listings on the German eBay website. For reference, please see my github.

Here is the Nbviewer link - German-eBay-Used-Vehicles

I know some of my coding is quite verbose and ugly :blush:, but I would appreciate any feedback (good or bad) on my project. Please let me know of any coding errors. Part of the motivation for this project was to use Folium to create a choropleth map. I also wanted to experiment with basic visuals.

Much appreciated!


Hey, I am going through it ow, and so far I am impressed. Very thorough.

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Hi Sassoli,

I appreciate the kind words! I look forward to your comments.


Very nice! I like the structure of the project. Considering it’s your first project you’ve done a great job!

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Hey @AWM007.

Great job. I’m surprised this is your first project. I’ve tried some, but I don’t think I could do such a thorough analysis as you did. I’d watch for the text though. Depending on your public, you’ll be looking at people interested in your code and others interested in the bigger picture of the analysis, so maybe it would be a good idea to adjust it to your public.

Other than that, I’d say congratulations. Your map at the end motivated me to try building chorolpleht maps of my own with legal data from germany. Thanks!

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@ agne.yuksel and @ celioxf - I really appreciate your feedback and comments!


hey @AWM007

:clap: This is amazing work for a first-time project.

Continue your great work so that we fellow students can also learn something new!

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Thanks for the feedback!

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Great job! A very thorough analysis with beautiful plots and map:)

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The addition of the visualisation made the data easily digestible.

Great Job! :+1:

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I am not an expert but it looks well-structured and involves a lot of effort to me. Thanks for sharing.

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