Feedback Request: Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees

Hi there,

In this project I’ve prepare the plot using only one ‘for loop’.

Here is the Nbviewer link - Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees


Hey @piotr.jan.fic, congrats on completing your project! That’s a fancy bit of code you got there, combining everything in one loop. Pretty cool! You also did a really good job on the label placement for the graphs (I thought that was the most irritating part of it to do!).

One thing you’re lacking is some context and meaning. We want to be able to show off our skills to those outside DQ too! I like to think of projects in Jupyter as communication between me and my potential reader, whoever they might be. With some context, they can better appreciate what you’ve done. I would encourage you to have a look through some of the articles in this post for some great information on making your projects appeal to a broader audience.

I really enjoyed seeing how you made the plot, and I hope others have a look at it too. Thanks for sharing!

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@april.g Thank you for a creative feedback :+1: