Feedback: Visualizing Earnings based on college majors

Hey guys, I’d really like to hear to thoughts and opinions on this project, any type of feedback is entertained.

Visualizing Earnings based on College Majors.ipynb (993.5 KB)

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Hi @mobosomto,

Great work. I like it!

These charts are great for personal use, but if you want to show them off to others I would recommend some modifications.

  1. Make sure that each chart has a title.
  2. Change x- and y-axis labels to something other than the variable name (i.e., don’t have underscores in title or label names full_time, include spaces Sharewomen)
  3. On your bar charts only use one color.
  4. On your bar charts don’t include a legend if there is only one element in it (i.e., mean_difference, unemployment_rate)
  5. For long titles that spill over the charts borders use a \n where you want to split the title onto different lines.
  6. Make sure each chart has a title.
  7. remove borders (despine) your plots.
  8. remove borders form legends
  9. remove grid lines (at least the vertical grid lines).

Hope this is helpful,


Cool project @mobosomto :ok_hand:

Great feedback @bvalgard :+1: