[feedback_wanted]Guided Project: Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets

  • feedback about business: how these results can be important?
  • how to optimise this code? The output gets too long.
display_table(android_final[1:],-4)   # genres ```

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your question is quite confusing to profer a solution.

What do you mean by “profess a solution”?
Which question is confusing?
About the second question, I ask how to optimize the function display_table to limit the output in some rows, such as the DataFrame.head() in Pandas.

sorry that was a typo

@monorienaghogho I am of the opinion that you can’t do this without using pandas, I’d love to know your thought.

Hi @karina.condeixa, @OlutokiJohn

If I understood correctly, you’d like display_ table to output a Pandas DataFrame.

The table_display variable is currently a list of tuples: List[Tuple(str, float)]

You can change a list of tuples into a DataFrame.

Put the first and second entries into separate lists and put these two lists into a dictionary: Dict[key1: list1, key2: list2].

Change the dictionary to a DataFrame.

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I actually tried that and it gave me a type error i.e nonetype, i don’t know if it’d work for @karina.condeixa

The display_table function does not return anything - which is None.

If you want pd.DataFrame(display_table) the function should return the dictionary.

oh okay, @karina.condeixa actually wants the output minimized just like we do in pandas i.e instead of displaying all we just display maybe like the first 5 or thereabout, I tried iterating over the display_table but it keeps giving me an error that I can’t iterate over a nonetype so it’s not the desired output should be a dataframe per se

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thanks for your answer.
But, I don’t want to transform it in a DataFrame, I just want to have an output that shows the first (5, for example) top values.

I got it, thanks.
And what is the advantage of working with lists of lists instead of transforming them into DataFrames?

Slice your list of lists: List[List[], ...][:5]

If you want you list in a particular order, you can sort before slicing.

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