Finally, Power BI certified!

I got Power BI certified :+1: two days ago with a score of 864, and I just had to take the time out to thank Dataquest :handshake:.

I was fired up to do the same after I read this article

I had nearly completed the course on DQ when it first rolled out, but could not finish it since my workload increased. Four months ago, I restarted my pursuit, and I am finally here :slightly_smiling_face:.

The course on DQ is helpful, but like all things data related, in-depth learning and reading is an absolute must. Besides the course on DQ, I also completed the free course on Microsoft Learning. This helps with going in to more detail in to some key concepts in Power BI like Query modes, RLS etc.

I had completed the Python Data Analyst course on DQ and the learnings in there were very useful. Many of the data cleaning and modelling concepts that have been covered are universal, so when you come across the same in Power BI, it feels close to home.

There are lots of exam dumps, but I have used them cautiously as the answers can be wrong. Whenever I got an exam dump, I would use the same to research on each option and try to justify the answer to the multiple choice questions. I also used it to get familiar with Power BI in general.

The big question is, am I job-ready? Time will tell. I have certainly learned a lot over the last couple of months, but experience, being the great teacher, has to be earned. Gaining it shall be my next endeavour :man_running:.

@vik and the team, you guys are doing a great job… Keep that ball rolling :basketball: :arrow_right:


Congrats @jesmaxavier and thanks for sharing inspiring stuff.



My heartfelt congratulations, Max, well-deserved! :heart: :dizzy: :tada: And it’s great to hear that the Dataquest courses played an important role in your way to this goal! I wish you to find the opportunity to apply your new skills and knowledge to a real-life task as soon as possible, to further master your skills and gain more experience. Growing as a data specialist is always a long way and not just a point to be reached, but getting officially certified is an excellent start in this way. Good luck, and keep growing! :rosette: :star_struck:


Congratulations! I hope you keep sharing your journey. It was great reading about your success.


Thanks guys! I look forward to give back more to this community.


Hello, congratulations on getting Power BI certified!! What made you to choose Power BI over Tableau?

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Thanks @vishallbabu5!
This was actually the first question I asked myself. Power BI or Tableau?

From a personal perspective, I really loved that Microsoft (MS) made Power BI desktop free for use without any restrictions. That was what really got me. It allows newbies like me to learn and play around a bit. In comparison, Tableau only offers a two-week trial. Also, I noticed that a licence was almost always associated to each of their offerings, including e-learning. On that end as well, MS offers detailed self-paced training for free.

From a work perspective, my organization holds a licence agreement with MS, so all our software come from them. Moreover, many of the clients we have also used MS, therefore all of them align towards MS related solutions unless cost starts creeping up.

From my perspective on tech, MS has a wide suite of products that meet the immediate needs of an organization like MS Teams, SharePoint, MS Office Suite, OneDrive etc. So once they are streamlined in the organization, their best option for a BI tool becomes Power BI because all their data is already available in one of the products mentioned. In addition, Power BI provides connectors to other data source types without extra licensing costs (as far as I know) making it more attractive.
With this understanding, I thought knowledge of Power BI could lead to better job prospects, albeit with tough competition.

All being said, I am not saying that Tableau has lesser job prospects. In fact, I have seen listings on LinkedIn from companies like Amazon and Facebook for Business Analyst roles with knowledge of Tableau. Cost-wise, though, they can be restrictive.
I think the big names in tech wouldn’t be caught using Power BI, as they are direct competitors to MS. I think it also goes for organizations that do not use MS solutions for everything. You can have companies using MS Office suite and Amazon Cloud Services for storage.

I think that about answers the question.